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Recharge with O2 Unleashed

Phil Phillips

Phil Phillips

O2 Unleashed is 95% revitalizing oxygen for natural energy and recovery. Just a few breaths will help to boost your energy, increase your alertness and mental clarity and alleviate the effects of altitude.

Expert hunter and outdoor enthusiast Phil Phillips knows the challenges of the hunt. Physical and mental fatigue—especially at altitude—can zap your performance and drain your energy level. That’s why Phil is recharging the outdoor experience with O2 Unleashed. Order your O2 Unleashed oxygen today!

  • Canisters contain 95% pure oxygen for recreational use
  • Compact canisters contain a lot of oxygen but are lightweight
  • Currently, commercial airline passengers are not allowed to bring canned recreational oxygen in checked or carry-on luggage.  However, you can have your O2 Unleashed oxygen shipped directly to your destination by ordering online.

How to Use O2 Unleashed


  • Position O2 Unleashed opening near mouth or nose.
  • Press down button on top to start oxygen flow.
  • Breathe in O2 Unleashed.